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Offering a choice of classes from strong & dynamic vinyasa (Atapa Krama*) to therapeutic & restorative (Chandra Krama*).  

Created to encourage a healthy balance of energy, to enrich & awaken your yoga practice.

Both methods are designed for self-practice. 

With consistency, the sequencing becomes more familiar and further asanas can be added, when the practitioner is ready to move deeper through either series.

Classes are suitable for beginners to experienced.

*Authorised by Matthew Sweeney

Self-Practice = Self-Awareness 


Please remember to bring your own mat and a towel (this can double up as a prop too)

Yoga Tapas Ulladulla
Private location

Address disclosed upon contact.

(Email or Text 0422 674797) 



Tuesday & Thursday 7am - Atapa Krama (dynamic)

Thursday 6pm - Chandra Krama (therapeutic)

Saturday 8am - Atapa Krama + (dynamic - strong)
**PLEASE NOTE** - From Sat 13 April to 25 May, Saturdays  class will begin at 7am

Class descriptions below.




75min. Students are guided through the foundational framework of the Atapa Krama set sequence  . Carefully designed for practitioners to build strength & flexibility at their own pace. Allowing students to practice a sequence tailored to their abilities & needs. Encouraging consistency, discipline & most importantly self awareness. Deepening their experience over time.  

Level 1 - This class is suitable and recommended for beginners.

Self-Practice (90mins) is optional and available for students to practice either Atapa Krama or Chandra Krama.

To book your spot click the orange button below
For address email or text 0422 674797 


$20 casual or 3 classes for $50* - Tap & Go / Cash / PayPal

*in one week

new moon janu_edited.jpg

Chandra Krama


90min Led class - Moon Sequence 
A supportive & therapeutic practice to coincide with a more frequent, dynamic sequence. A delightful blend of Vinyasa & Yin and a practice ideal for when energy levels may have dip or for those wanting a softer practice.

When practiced alongside a stronger sequence will encourage a balance between Rajas & Tamas.


Ujjayi breath can be used during the salutes to stabilise pace, but this drops away as we arrive at the seated sequence to discourage a highly active practice.


Beginner friendly

To book your spot click the orange button below
For address email or text 0422 674797 

$20 casual or 3 classes for $50* - Tap & Go / Cash / PayPal

*in one week




90min Led class - Atapa Krama (short form)

A self heating dynamic practice, with the inclusion of additional movements, postures & strength exercises.


A strong, fun & energising class, designed to build strength & stamina and encourage mobility & flexibility.

Class is finished with pranayama & meditation. 


Level 2 - Some Yoga experience advised.



To book your spot click the orange button below
For address email or text 0422 674797 

$20 casual or 3 classes for $50* - Tap & Go / Cash / PayPal

*in one week

YOGA TAPAS-6wk Course

NEXT COURSE: 15 May 2024, 6pm

Bookings OPEN

"Set Your Own Sequence"


Discover the boundless benefits of a set sequenced practice. 

A yoga asana routine you can practice anytime, anywhere... Your own little practice in your pocket. Ready to serve you at your own pace.

Over the six weeks I will break down sections of Atapa Krama (Sunshine sequence), providing the framework to build upon and deepen your yoga practice. Detailing each posture (including Sanskrit name and translation).

We will focus on body alignment and the props required, breathing with movement (vinyasa), and a variety of alternative posture options & modifications. Plus, foundational pranayama (yogic breathing exercise) & meditation techniques. 

Encouraging discipline & confidence in self-practice, whilst ensuring a healthy and risk-free practice that will serve you your life time. 

Week 1: Stripping down the salutes and getting back down to basics. Starting with a gentle approach, gradually adding more to challenge and encourage heat in the body... plus a few additional fun jumps & lifts for those who are feeling particularly enthusiastic!  

Week 2: Standing postures. Grounding & fundamental in establishing structure to your posture. We will spend time learning how to form & align according to your proportions, as well as how to enter the pose & how to transition into the next.    

Week 3: Seated postures & linking vinyasa. Focusing on the foundational poses with an opportunity to explore alternative ways to execute them  (beginners to advance). Including how to move from one posture to the next using the vinyasa method.

Week 4: Preparing for backbends. One of my favourite areas to work with! Gather an understanding of what YOUR body needs in order to safely enter and breath freely in your backbend.

Week 5: The closing sequence, pranayama & meditation. Never to be rushed, and deserves a class of it's own. Learn how to close your practice effectively, including an introduction to pranayama (breathing practice) & meditation ensuring you arise from savasana fully satisfied & content.

Week 6: We put it all together and practice.

This course is open to ALL levels of experience, abilities & ages.

Mats & Props provided.

Begins Wednesday 15 May at 6pm. (90min)

$150.00 for 6wks. (No casual drop ins)

Full payment required to secure booking. 



Please note: this is NOT teacher training.

If you would like to teach this sequence, please contact Matthew Sweeney directly.


Prefer 1:1 attention?

Click here for private classes for groups & individuals.

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