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Workplace Wellness


With 20+ years of working in high end bars & restaurants in London, believe me, I know how stressful the workplace can be and the toll it can take on our physical & mental wellbeing.

Yoga inspired movements, simple breath work and light meditation techniques, can assist the release of any unwanted stress & tension in the body & mind.


Workplace Wellness Classes are tailored to suit the working environment.

Sat at a desk all day? Lets counter that with a sequence to unravel the body and improve circulation.

Are you in a loud, hot, high energy setting (Chefs, I'm looking at you!)?

How about some poses & breathing methods to wind down that active mind.

Classes can be held at your office/site/venue.
No experience, flexibility or strength required.

ZOOM option also available

Are you concerned about the wellness of your employees?

Enquire below 

Laughing Yoga
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