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Mel Waters Yoga Tapas prasarita D strip.

tapas [tuhp-uh s]
noun Yoga: 'to burn’, 
evoking 'fiery discipline', ‘internal fire’ or 

About Us

About Yoga Tapas

A dynamic, rhythmical yet meditative yoga practice, with the emphasis on linking breath with movement, as you are guided through a set sequence of postures based on the Ashtanga Primary Series.

Designed to generate an internal heat to cleanse the body, as well as develop strength, flexibility & concentration. Alignment focused and adapting the sequence with the individual practitioner in mind, creating a 1:1 learning experience within a group setting.

Offering a series of face-to-face & online classes throughout the week. Private classes also available.
All levels welcome.


Be steady. Be comfortable.

Mel Waters



Registered L1 Teacher Yoga Australia 

200+hrs Apprentice Thirroul Yoga Shala
Yoga Synergy Anatomy & Physiology Course 2019 (High Distinction)
L1 Pranayama with Gregor Maehle
L1 Meditation with Gregor Maehle

Developing own practice under the guidance of Matthew Sweeney 


Hi there, I'm Mel

I was introduced to Ashtanga Yoga sometime around 2005 in London when my sister suggested to 'just give it a go'. Prior to this I was a full on gym bunny. If I wasn't lifting weights, pushing myself to my absolute physical limit, panting & sweating, then it wasn't exercise.

Cue my first Ashtanga class... Done. Hooked on that post-yoga high! It pretty much had me at 'Ekam Inhale'. 

Safe to say, my gym brain was pleasantly surprised at the strength & effort required (not to mention the sweat element) for a yoga class. For the 6-12 months, Ashtanga for me was very much a physical practice - a form of exercise, but as time went on, I developed a more consistent practice. I started attending Mysore classes, which allowed me to really turn my awareness inwards, focusing on what really mattered - the breath. This in turn enabled me to progress further through the sequence at my own steady pace. And like that, Ashtanga became the meditative practice it truly is

Now I'm here in the beautiful Shoalhaven doing what I love.

I hadn't been in Australia long, until I met Alyson Johnson and began practicing at Thirroul Yoga Shala. It felt like home and in 2018 Alyson kindly took me under her wing and I was enrolled on her Teacher Training apprenticeship. Under her guidance for 12mths, assisting in her hugely popular classes, I grew into the teacher I am today. 

Now i'm here in the beautiful Shoalhaven region of South Coast NSW, just me, my husband Bob and an army of cats & pup, doing what I love. Offering a series of classes influenced by the Ashtanga method, all led with passion & intention (Tapas).

Come and try one see how quickly you get hooked.

"Just give it a go".

Mel x


Contact Us

 Yoga Tapas

Ulladulla, NSW.

Tel: 0422 674 797


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